Protecting your rights in the workplace.

Experts in California employment law with a focus on class actions and complex litigation.

Bokhour Law Group is committed to providing our clients with aggressive legal advocacy in the pursuit of justice. Since 2012, our trusted and experienced Los Angeles attorneys have been providing our clients with the highest quality legal services to help them resolve their employment disputes against their employers.

Our Key Practice Areas

Wage and Hour Violations

We protect employees’ rights to fair and accurate wages for all hours worked and ensures that workers are working in a safe environment under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and California’s labor laws.

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Sexual Harassment

We understand the distressing impact of sexual harassment in the workplace and are committed to helping victims of workplace sexual harassment by building a strong case for our clients and maximizing available damages.

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Disability Discrimination

Disabled employees are entitled to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. But when this right is violated, it’s important that they know what laws protect them and how they can seek justice against their employers.

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Wrongful Termination

In some cases, employers fail to give a reason for the termination. As your Los Angeles and California wrongful termination lawyers, we work hard to discover the facts behind your termination while fighting for the damages that you deserve.

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Our Team

Dedicated to representing you in the workplace.

We have helped countless employees recover verdicts and financial settlements in individual and class action employment cases in California.