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Top Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer in California

Top Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer in California

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Recovering Financial Settlements For Victims of Workplace Misconduct

Bokhour Law Group is a distinguished legal firm with a remarkable history of winning successful legal battles against large corporations and insurance companies. We are thrilled to champion the cause of sexual harassment victims and represent them with our unwavering commitment to justice. With a cumulative recovery of settlements exceeding 75 million dollars, our firm is widely recognized for its exceptional legal prowess. 

Sexual harassment is a reprehensible form of gender-based discrimination, and our firm stands steadfastly against it. Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace are unequivocally illegal. We remain passionately devoted to providing our clients with the most comprehensive legal support available, ensuring the best possible outcome for them. 

As a leader in the fight against sexual harassment, our legal team comprises highly experienced and skilled attorneys who are dedicated to securing justice for our clients. With our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled legal representation and support, you can trust us to be your most dependable partner in your fight for justice.

Top Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer in California

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination is Illegal in California

As per the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment constitutes a range of behavior, including unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature, and offensive speech targeting a person’s gender, sex, or sexual orientation. When such conduct creates a hostile work environment or unreasonably hinders an employee’s work performance, it becomes a form of workplace harassment. 

In California, there are two recognized types of sexual harassment claims. The first is a hostile work environment claim, where the harassment causes an intimidating, offensive, or unpleasant work atmosphere, and/or unreasonably interferes with work performance. The second type of claim is known as quid pro quo harassment, where an employee’s employment status, such as promotion or demotion, is affected by their response to sexual advances made by a coworker or superior. 

We Stand Firmly Against All Workplace Harassment

At Bokhour Law Group, we understand the distressing impact that sexual harassment can have on an individual’s work and personal life. Our team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing the best possible legal representation to victims of sexual harassment, ensuring they receive the justice and compensation they deserve.

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